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Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission

211 Congress Avenue, Saginaw, MI 48602, US

Tel: (989) 755-5751 Fax: (989) 758-2309


Mosquito Control Season
May 1 ~ Sept 30

8am - 4:30pm
Tel: 7am - 9pm

(989) 755-0449

Winter Months
Oct 1 ~ April 30

8am - 4:30pm

About Us

Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM)


Citizen Service Requests


Call SCMAC to report a mosquito problem in your area. In conjunction with data from our trap network, these calls determine where treatment will be conducted on a daily basis.

Priority Requests


Residents can request a specific day for their property to be treated.
Each address is limited to two priority requests per year.

Medical Certification


Residents who are severely allergic to mosquito bites may qualify for our Medical Certification Program. 

Bti Distribution


As part of our self-help larva control program, SCMAC distributes Bti granules to most township/village offices in Saginaw Country. Briquettes can be acquired at certain stores. Or just call and our technicians will do it.

Long Drive


If your driveway is longer than 300 feet in length, you may qualify for our Long Drive program. Trucks spray approved driveways during routine treatment of any given treatment zone. 

No Spray


Residents may request to forgo any form of mosquito control by SCMAC. We also work with beekeepers and organic farmers according to their needs. 

Annual Report

The annual report offers information on many aspects of the mosquito control program. 

Product Labels

The labels for the pesticides and products SCMAC use. 

Program Plan

  Our Program Plan describes detailed methods and techniques for arborviral-borne disease surveillance and mosquito control.


These are the brochures we provide containing relevant information about our various programs, diseases

Important Links

Various links to websites about diseases, mosquitoes, pesticides and toxicology, regulations etc.

Mosquito Identification

A guide to identify the adult female mosquitoes of Saginaw County.


Students have an opportunity to display their knowledge of mosquitoes in a colorful and expressive way

All grade 3 - 12 students are welcome to participate*

*Conditions To Be Ratified